民主體制的力量 The Superiority of the Democratic System HoonTing 20200112

民主體制的力量  The Superiority of the Democratic System    HoonTing 20200112
President Tsai Ing-wen won 2020 Taiwan’s Presidential election with recorded 8.17 million votes and with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s 61 over 113 seats in the Legislative Yuan.


Tsai successes the legacy of President Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo on one hand, and get a historical high authority for the next four years on the other hand. The second term is hers, not by the collaboration of any factions in the party. Just as President Lee Teng-hui has shuffled his advisors in his later phase, President Tsai has to relocate her cadres to rebalance the malfunction due to un-balance of power.

President Tsai stressed “The Republic of China (Taiwan)” in her press conference by saying “how much we cherish our nation: the Republic of China (Taiwan).” It was the second time she introduced the term. The term is so unique that it might be the main theme of political adjustment during her second term. “The Republic of China (Taiwan)” could be a further step to strengthen the status of Taiwan, from the re-born of 1952, the authorization of home-rule building in 1979, and the completion of the home-rule in 1996. Taiwan has one step closer from the Dominion to a new state.

Tsai used another concept in her remark by saying “Mayor Han and Chairman Soong for completing this democratic journey with me.” It is not ordinary usage; instead, Tsai is emphasizing the superiority of the democratic system.

The fact that all parties engaged in the Crimean War financed their war budget from the City of London is not an opportunist move; rather the parties and the City do believe the superiority of the system, not a single win or loss. A decade ago, Chairperson Tsai expressed her recognition toward democracy, especially the national identity of Taiwan. She said then that it is nothing that the result of the referendum is, Taiwan’s national identity is getting stronger during the serial referendum. The challenger Han Huo-yu echoed the superiority of the democratic system by saying “since the citizens of the Republic of China expressed their decision, I honor the result as a candidate.” No one dares to overthrow democratic results like Lian Chan in 2004. President Tsai’s belief is spanning over a decade.

Thanks to the support of the “Five Eye Alliance” in national security and cyber field, a faked incident, which might turn the result of 2020 Presidential Campaign was exposed days before Election Day. Taiwan is an ear to the Alliance after this close collaboration. It is critically important for Beijing is entering the post-Xi Jing-ping era in just one year. No one is sure that Xi will step down from the top of the Chinese Communist power as he is expected, or will he play as the Chinese emperor? Beijing might choose to give pressure further over Taiwan to disguise its internal conflict.

President Tsai, endowed the most powerful position in the Pacific War Taiwan, will face all the temptation she could ever experience. The administrative power is given by the People and for the People, not a private asset of the leader. Remembering the wisdom of “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” feeling the ex officio feature of power, then President Tsai will pass the trial.


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  1. 換句話說, 不改變台灣現況真實意義應就是[不改變台灣是美國「自治領」這個現況]吧, 至少在現階段, 如是, 那麼, 自治領之義務已盡, 該有的權利也應給吧?

    1. 自治領,這類的地位
      在聯合王國,就是 Dominion
      在美利堅,就是 Commonwealth

      更進一步的就是 Free State 有各式各樣更細的樣態

  2. 這篇的描述,可生動了"應該可以這麼說,她是李登輝送進去民進黨當養女的。......民進黨的家務事,其實就是一齣民視鄉土劇,抱來的,哪有嫡系長房大孫來得矜貴?"

    1. 「失敗了以後,盲點浮現,妳反而有自信起來」

  3. 選舉勝敗的因果是很有趣的研究,1998阿扁台北市長被馬英九擊敗,2000年阿扁就當了總統。2004阿扁擊敗連宋配,2008馬英九就當了總統。2012馬英九擊敗蔡英文連任,2014就讓柯文哲選上台北市長,2016蔡英文當選總統。2018韓國瑜擊敗陳其邁當選高雄市長,2020讓柯文哲不能選總統,讓蔡英文以歷史第一高票817萬連任。