As far as the evidence could tell, Chang’s incident might be understood as the effect of the policy change of the Pacific Rim on the part of US.
Responding to it, MYJ shied away from the cross-strait dialogues that were encouraged by the US proactively since 2008, and reshuffled his representatives from the China friendly school to the US friendly.
As a single-minded political player, however, Ma’s awkward handling forced his subordinates to make forbidden revelations to the public.
Under the facts that 80% of Taiwanese do not consider Chang to be a Chinese spy and that Beijing keeps silent, the latest speculation is tracing Uncle Sam’s footprint.
The ball has bounced back to Uncle Sam, and AIT had to deny having any connection with the case.

MYJ has once again demonstrated unbelievable emergency management skills, which has rendered the whole situation out of control.    Revised on 20140826


9 則留言:

  1. 這段影片好像有道理



  2. AIT:「就我們的了解,美國對此案沒有任何涉入。」

    1. 此言就是「有,但不關我事。」



    2. It has grown harder and harder to suppress a creeping feeling about Mark Ma and his ultimate and very real allegiance.

      Formosans assume him Chinese and their arrogant foe. And yes, the offenses Mark Ma has accumulated over the years would seem to verify that assumption.

      In fact, he has only been playing up his China-born boogeyman's personae in his attempt at awakening the brainwashed and hoodwinked Formosans. Unfortunately, the Formosan elites, " jungongjao" and China-dreaming entrepreneurs alike, keep burying their heads in the sand in embracing as theirs a long-dead ROC-on-Taiwan.

      Behind the stage personae he has been cultivating, a Mark Ma who is really beholden to the US is actually the best friend the Formosans could rely upon at this juncture.

      Unfortunately, the Formosan elites in both the KMT and the DPP are too far gone into their virtual reality to respond healthily to the numerous shocks he has been delivering to a brain-dead Formosan patient.

      The US does have its "Quiet American" in Mark Ma. And the deluded Formosans are their own worst enemies. They have no excuses for deeming themselves ROC citizens any longer.

    3. If Ma were truly loyal to Uncle Sam, he wouldn't have to hasten a unification with PRC. All he had to do would be play the role of a slow negotiator.
      By the way, Mr. Besson, "brain-dead" definitely denotes your hostility toward Formosans.

    4. "Hostility" does not appropriately define my feelings toward a decent people whose plight I almost instinctively embrace first and secondly, into which root causes I am getting an ever deeper insight, thanks to the advent of the Internet. But growing impatience and disappointment, definitely yes and pointedly in what concerns the DPP.

      Their complete and cowardly letting down of one of their own and a prominent one at that, for the last six years is an ugly blotch on their escutcheon. I am at peace with that issue since I figured that they are part and parcel of the occupier's fraudulent political apparatus on Taiwan.

      They and those who support them are now finding themselves exiled on their own place of abode. They have deprived themselves of their say in the status of sovereignty of an occupied territory they wound up occupying while declaring themselves Chinese exiles on occupied Taiwan.

      Keeping Formosan internal affairs apart from those of the exiled occupiers would not only help the Formosans, it might also help protect exiles who are political refugees after all and, as such, deserve protection of their human rights.

      Through their involvement in the political apparatus of the exiled occupier, Formosans are meddling in the internal affairs of the exiles. And that is what Mark Ma is trying to get the DPP and the Formosan factions of the KMT to understand. But they are too deaf to understand.

      Those seasoned Formosan politicians should already have seized on whichever slight Mark Ma piled upon them to disconnect themselves and their supporters from the exiled occupier's political apparatus.

      Your first assertion hinges on the very belief I tried to debunk in my first comment. I do not need reminding you of the fate suffered by CSB because of his pig-headed attempts at unilaterally redefining the undecided status of sovereignty of Taiwan.

      Ma knows that, were he to sin in the opposite direction, he too can expect Uncle Sam's wrath. And Mark Ma, being of Chinese stock, is no dunce. Upon leaving office he intends moving freely to retirement in America or Europe, like all right-minded Chinese do.

      It befuddles me that you are so brain-dead that I still need explaining my very limpid original comment to you. Get real instead of fooling no one but yourself..

    5. Growing impatience and disappointment, typical of most independence-minded Formosans, don’t need to lead to verbal attacks on those who still don’t know the whole truth.

      Nor should the profound frustration lead us to blindly believe a self-acclaimed Know-it-all. I do agree at your occupation-exile theory, the fact that CSB angered his Uncle Sam, and the accusation of DPP being impotent during the past few years. However, we don’t turn to a pro-China bumbler just because DPP is almost ruined by KMT, China, and the US.

      And I wonder why you keep silent about China while whole-heartedly condemning the US. Brain-dead? You bet!

    6. How are you so sure he really is putting Taiwan on that path? Is it not all staged so as to embarrass gullible underlings?

      Those naïve "Taiwan authority" administrative officers (jungongjiaos all) dutifully poring over joint statements that will ultimately be thrown in the shredder should rather go take a hike in the great Taiwan outdoors, instead. Or learn Japanese, the language that ought to have remained the one and only official language of Taiwan.

  3. at Jerome Besson's comments

    If Ma is the good guy trying reveal KMT and China's corrupted ways, then we purehearted Formosan should kick KMT out of the island just like he wished and not expose him. We shall keep calling him Chinese spy because that's what he would want us to do.

    But honestly, I think what you're saying is far-fetched, more like delusion.

    Does it really matter how many turns and twists there are in Ma's head? By the way KMT and Chinese do things, I'd say China and Taiwan will still be these second or third rated countries for next 500 years. No one is holding Chinese back more than Chinese themselves.